How To Choose Pickleball Bags?

A pickleball player can accumulate a lot of equipment very quickly. Having a dedicated pickleball bag is therefore a great idea. There needs to be room in the pickleball bag for all the essentials (paddles, balls, water bottles) as well as snacks! What else can you do to maintain your energy levels? You can choose from a backpack, duffle bag, tote bag or something stylish, we found the best pickleball bags.

Are you looking for space and functionality or something durable, simple and lightweight? This comprehensive breakdown of the best pickleball bags gives you a great place to start buying the best bag that meets your specific needs.

Things To Consider For Buying Pickleball Bags

Despite the ease of play and the minimal gear involved, pickleball bags remain essential to any player’s sports kit. Pickleball bags should be lightweight, adjustable, and designed for maximum portability and comfort. There are many designs, fabric options, and sporty styles available with Pickleball bags.


You should maintain these two things no matter how much extra you have to pay. To make the most of your pickleball time, you need a durable pickleball equipment bag that will last you for many years.


It’s only natural to want to spend as little as possible when investing in something. When you buy a pickleball bag, remember that spending a few extra dollars will almost always guarantee you a proper backpack that won’t tear and look worn down after a short time.

You can find a pickleball sling bag with one compartment for around twenty dollars. Still, if you add just another ten bucks, you can get a more fitting bag with two or even three boxes that easily hold all your pickleball gear and your personal belongings.


There is some difficulty with the size. There has to be a balance between having enough room for all your equipment and not being too big that you need help travelling. A good thing about pickleball equipment is that no one piece is substantial. The majority of paddles, balls, and so on are compact.

Consequently, finding a good pickleball bag that fits comfortably over one shoulder should be easy. Remember that having extra room for extra non-essential items might come in handy. My snack, keys, and wallet are usually kept in my pickleball bag while I play.


Are you need a bag to keep your wet clothes or wet towel separate from the other areas of the pack? Also, do you want a water-resistant suitcase in case it rains? Look at the type of material the bag is made of, which will tell you more about durability and how long the bag will last after being tossed around daily.

Type Of Pickleball Bags

You will be able to buy a pickleball bag easily if you consider these factors. In order to help you pick the perfect pickleball bag, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best pickleball bags and a detailed guide.


You have a lot of gear, including multiple paddles, balls, and towels and may want to store your shoes in the pickleball bag when going to and from the courts. You are OK with carrying the weight on your back and using two back straps rather than a single shoulder strap or handles, as a duffle bag would have.

Franklin Sports Pickleball Backpack

Suitable for men and women, the Franklin Sports Pickleball backpack is also an officially endorsed bag used by US open championships. A pro bag good in all aspects, this can be a go-to choice for all players.

Also inside is a protective felt-covered, hidden pocket to tuck in the electronic devices safely. It also has a built-in hanger to hook up the bag on the court fence. The bag can also hold up your water bottle safely, along with keys and wallet, etc., as it has a dedicated area. The strap is convenient to use and sturdy. However, as it is a sling design, it is a more comfortable choice for players preferring a single-shoulder bag. The canvas material is also of pro-quality and is durable enough. 

Athletico Sling Bag

The Athletico sling bag is durable and functional, with the key features many players are looking for when buying a bag for their pickleball gear. Players report that it’s comfortable to wear, and they appreciate the air mesh padding on the back.

The anti-theft pocket is an excellent feature if you want to make it difficult for someone to steal your valuables from your bag while you’re playing a game or two. And it’s a great feature that will be appreciated when walking through a crowded street. You will find plenty of pockets for organizing your gear. And the main compartment is padded, which means it will protect your paddles or tablet computer if you decide this bag should play double duty.

Sling Bags 

The sling bag is currently the most popular style of bag among pickleball players. The main reason why they tend to offer an outstanding combination of functionality in a form that is both portable and comfortable.

The pickleball sling bag is designed to follow the tear-drop shape of a pickleball paddle. This allows them to carry several paddles in a small space comfortably. One potential downside to sling bags is that they usually need separate compartments to store different items. But if you are OK with most of your gear bunking together, it won’t be a problem.

But smaller and more fragile items like your cell phone get their pocket to protect them from damage. Most slings are great for transporting lesser pickleball gear and are typically accessible on your shoulders. The better pickleball sling bags come with either one sizeable padded strap that fits across your chest or a double cinch strap that fits nicely over your shoulders.

Tote Bags

If you’re looking for something more stylish to carry your pickleball gear, our premium pickleball tote bag has space for everything that matters. This pickleball bag will fit four paddles, a water bottle and a towel. It also could double as a handbag. The quirky slogan is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Duffle Bags

Our top pick for the tote with the best overall style is the “Pickle the ball Ready” Tote for Women. This is an excellent option for all-around use if you plan to run errands or go for lunch after your pickleball game.

It features a main zippered compartment and six outer pockets. The pockets do not zip or close but help hold pickleball, water bottles, and other medium-sized options. Although there is no zipped pocket for personal items, it does have an excellent key ring attachment on the outside of the tote bag.

However, if you are serious about your pickleball game, especially if you plan to compete in tournaments, you’ll want a durable bag to carry around all your gear. There is no doubt that you will be much happier when you use a bag made specifically for the job. One of the options above, like a pickleball sling bag or backpack, is a better bet.


How do you pick a pickleball bag?

You want something that will be convenient and lightweight. You need it big enough to store everything you need but compact enough not to be cumbersome as you carry it around.

What is the best colour for a pickleball?

Many players tell us that red is the easiest to see when playing indoors, so give them a try if the standard colours have given you trouble. They have the same gentle feel and high bounce as the popular Jugs Indoor Pickleballs so you will get all the quality.

Is graphite or carbon better for pickleball?

Many manufacturers use graphite rather than carbon fibre because it is lighter and more cost-effective (and slightly less durable). Since graphite is stiff, the ball does not sink into it, making ball placement easier.


Following the examination of many bags, our experts have compiled a guide for players. You can choose the best bag based on your usage by following these guidelines. These are some of the qualities and features of the bag mentioned above. As a result, you can easily find the best product to suit your needs.

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