Gross Margin Formula + Calculator

It is also an important element in explaining how such strategic decisions can affect overall profitability. Moreover, the comparison of gross margins across product lines improves effective portfolio management. To see how gross profit margins can’t always hold up in the long term, take a look at the airlines. Certain airlines hedge the price of … Read more

What Is Amortization? Definition and Examples for Business

Amortization is usually conducted on a straight-line basis over a 10-year period, as directed by the accounting standards. A business client develops a product it intends to sell and purchases a patent for the invention for $100,000. On the client’s income statement, it records an asset of $100,000 for the patent. Once the patent reaches the end … Read more

Purchases Ledger Control Account

So to locate these errors, accountants need to check each and every trade receivables account in the sales ledger carefully until the error is found or the fraud is detected. The cash book is totalled for the accounting period, and used to make a double entry posting to the general ledger. The cash payments are … Read more

How to Prepare a Balance Sheet: 5 Steps

If splitting your payment into 2 transactions, a minimum payment of $350 is required for the first transaction. Updates to your application and enrollment status will be shown on your account page. We confirm enrollment eligibility within one week of your application. HBS Online does not use race, gender, ethnicity, or any protected class as … Read more

Allowance for Doubtful Accounts Overview, Guide, Examples

The company may need to adjust its allowance, recognizing a higher risk of uncollectible accounts. Under the direct method, you assume that your total receivables are collectible and show their full value with no contra account on the definition of “capital budgeting practices” balance sheet. If you later realize that an invoice is uncollectible, you … Read more