Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball

The beauty of pickleball is that it can be played both indoors and outdoors, which is one of the greatest things about the sport of pickleball. It becomes important that you are aware of the fundamental difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball.

If you are lost and worried about the technical details, then you don’t have to because I have prepared a detailed guide on the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleballs. Therefore, you can choose the one that is suitable and useful for the game.

What Kind of Ball Is Used in Pickleball?

It is important to know What does a pickleball look like? Types of balls that are used to play pickleball are the ones made up of superior quality plastic which are the same as Wiffle balls. They are mostly found in bright colors such as red, yellow, and orange so that they are clearly visible while playing. 

One of the characteristics which makes them different from others is that contains a number of holes in them. However, it wholly depends on whether you are playing indoors or outdoors. 

Although these are not the only particulars of a ball used in to play indoor vs outdoor pickleball balls. It also mostly depends upon the ground you are playing on. It also differs with individual requirements which may include color, weight, and size.

Types of Balls

Mainly there are two types of balls indoor vs outdoor pickleball balls which are used in playing pickleball indoors and outdoors respectively. It becomes important for you to know the basic difference between indoor and outdoor pickleballs. Because of this, it becomes easy for you to select the appropriate ball to play pickleball.

Almost both types of balls are manufactured by the manufacturers,so it is easy to buy some of each together.


Generally, beginners prefer to play indoors in order to avoid interference from weather elements ( like wind and sun). Competitive players mostly opt to play indoors as the atmosphere indoors can be controlled which leads to precise game and consistency in the game.

Usually, indoor pickleball is made from softer plastic so when touched it feels soft which ultimately becomes easy to control. In terms of weight, they are much lighter than outdoor pickleball so that they don’t get affected by the wind, that’s why they are called indoor pickleball which cannot be used in outdoor pickleball games.

To get better spin indoor balls are made by giving more texture. The indoor game of pickleball is played on a wooden floor or tiled surface which gives the most bounce and roll to the ball. Indoor balls are also smaller in size which helps in maintaining the pace of the game and hitting good shots.

Indoor balls tend to have larger holes on the ball than outdoor pickleball. Balls should weigh around 0.8 ounces. There are several reasons why you would need to use this ball since it is specifically designed for indoor courts with still air.


The foremost difference an outdoor pickleball has is that it is made out of smooth plastic which gives them a harder and heavier surface and bouncy construction. The outdoor ball contains a specific number of holes which is 40 and is smaller in size. 

Outdoor pickleball is made in such a manner that it can survive all weather conditions, then let it be heat, rain, or wind. They are heavier in weight because of which they will get less affected by the wind. It tends to become harder in cold and softer in heat. 

As their surface is hard and heavy in weight it becomes difficult to control and also makes it harder to hit, also giving them less drag. So if you want to hit a great shot with outdoor pickleball then you need more energy and strength in your arms. Approximately the weight of your ball is 0.9 ounces. There is a need to replace it frequently due to the bounce it exhibits on rough surfaces. 

Pickleballs that are played outdoors typically have a life cycle that is influenced by a number of factors, including the playing style, temperature, and surface. Due to the fact that they tend to go out of round easily, you need to ensure that they are checked regularly for the roundness of the weight. You can do this in a number of ways, including spinning the ball and observing how it moves as you hit it with a spin. In addition, due to the weight of outdoor pickleball, they tend to make more noise than indoor models.

Differentiation Between Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball

Let’s Know what is the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleballs? The most important technique for figuring out the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball is hole counting. As we mentioned earlier, indoor pickleball have few (about 26) but large holes that keep them on a straight path. In indoor vs outdoor pickleballs, outdoor pickleball are oversized and contain many (about 40) but small holes that give players the wind resistance and stability needed in difficult outdoor terrain.

The most used and well-known ball for outdoor courts is the Dura Fast 40 Pickleball, known for its 40 small holes designed primarily for practice sessions. These are also designed for tournament play and are USAPA-compliant. Another way to tell the difference between outdoor vs indoor pickleballs is by the construction, as the inner pickleball are plastic and are usually soft, while the outer pickleball is hard and heavier than the inner pickleball.

Is it possible to play pickleball anywhere?

No, it is not recommended to use a ball in another location and vice versa because there is difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball balls. However, some people use indoor balls on outdoor courts; However, this is far from practical for your games, as indoor balls have specific textures and holes that provide a straight path and long rallies. In contrast, outdoor balls have lots of holes and a heavy construction that offers wind resistance, better manoeuvrability and short rallies. So these cannot be used everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions       

Can I use an indoor ball for outdoor games?

However, while many people use indoor balls for outdoor courts, this is not practical or advisable given their distinctive construction and potential. Indoor pickle balls are soft and contain 26 balls because they provide better control, encouraging drag and better traction. In contrast, the outer balls are primarily designed to resist wind, providing better bounce and drag in rough, rough conditions.

How many holes does the inner pickleball have?

On average, indoor balls have around 26 holes, which are relatively larger. These balls are soft and have large holes that keep the ball in a straight path throughout the flight. On the other hand, outdoor balls have small holes with around 40 beads that are meant to keep them stable and are mostly weather and windproof.

Do Pickleballs crack in the cold?

Yes, pickle balls can crack in the cold. If you are playing pickleballs at lower temperatures, you will likely find your pickleballs breaking sooner than if you were playing at a higher ambient temperature. Franklin X-40 is a good choice, while Dura Fast 40 is known to break down easily at low temperatures.                                                               


It has been determined that pickleball can be played both indoors and outdoors. You should keep in mind that both indoor vs outdoor pickleball have their own advantages and disadvantages. Playing pickleball depends totally on the comfort, and preferences of the individual playing the game.

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