Tyer Loong: Pro Pickleball Player

If you are a fan of pickleball, you have probably heard of Tyler Loong, one of the hottest players on tour. He is known for his athleticism, his left-handedness, and his signature Erne shot. But who is Tyler Loong and how did he become a pro pickleball player? In this article, we will explore his journey, his secrets to success, and what makes him a unique and inspiring figure in the pickleball world.

Who is Tyler Loong?

Tyler Loong is a pro pickleball player based in SLC, Utah. He was born on October 29, 1991, and is currently 31 years old. He is married to Brittany Loong and they have two daughters, Ivy and Blair. He enjoys traveling, technology, music, and Netflix.

Tyler Loong has been playing professional pickleball for seven years. He started playing the sport when he was 23 years old, after being introduced to it by his father-in-law. He quickly fell in love with the game and decided to pursue it as a career.

Tyler Loong is sponsored by Vulcan, a leading brand of pickleball paddles and gear. He uses the Vulcan V730 Max paddle, which suits his aggressive and powerful style of play . He also has his own line of apparel and accessories, which you can shop on his website.


Tyler Loong’s favorite shot is the Erne, which is a risky but rewarding move that involves jumping over the non-volley zone to hit an angled volley. He is one of the few pro players who plays left-handed, which gives him an advantage over right-handed opponents . Tyler Loong is not only a great player, but also a great coach. He offers coaching services to players of all levels and ages, both in person and online. He can help you improve your skills, strategy, and mental game.

Pickleball Career Achievements

Here is a possible table of career achievements of pro pickleball player Tyler Loong:

2022PPA Takeya ShowcaseMen’s Doubles Pro3rd Place
2022PPA N2Grate DC OpenMen’s Doubles Pro3rd Place
2022PPA Tour Round UpMen’s Doubles Pro3rd Place
2022PPA Baird Wealth Management OpenMen’s Doubles Pro3rd Place
2022PPA Tournament of ChampionsMen’s Doubles Pro3rd Place
2022PPA North Carolina OpenMen’s Doubles Pro2nd Place
2022PPA Arizona Grand SlamMen’s Pro Doubles3rd Place
2021PPA Mesa Grand SlamMen’s Pro Doubles3rd Place
2020California OpenMen’s Pro Doubles3rd Place
2020PPA Mesa QualifierMen’s Singles Pro3rd Place
2019Mountain RegionalMen’s Pro Doubles1st Place
2018NationalsMen’s Pro Singles2nd Place
2018Canadian OpenTriple Crown Winner

Since then, he has achieved many impressive feats as a pro pickleball player. He is ranked among the top players in the world, with a current PPA ranking of #8 in men’s singles, #9 in men’s doubles, and #10 in mixed doubles. He has won several major tournaments, such as the 2021 PPA Las Vegas Open (mixed doubles), the 2021 PPA Masters (men’s doubles), and the 2021 PPA Chicago Open (men’s singles). He has also beaten some of the best players in the sport, such as Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin, and Matt Wright.

How did Tyler Loong become a pro pickleball player?

Tyler Loong’s journey to becoming a pro pickleball player was not easy. He had to overcome many challenges and obstacles along the way.

One of the biggest challenges he faced was finding enough time and money to pursue his passion. When he started playing pickleball, he was working as a software engineer at Adobe. He had to balance his job, his family, and his training.

Another challenge he faced was finding good competition and partners to practice with. When he started playing pickleball, the sport was not very popular or well-known in Utah. He had to travel to other states or countries to find high-level tournaments and players.

A third challenge he faced was dealing with injuries and setbacks. As an athlete, he had to cope with physical pain and mental stress. He had to learn how to recover from losses and failures.

Despite these challenges, Tyler Loong never gave up on his dream. He worked hard, practiced smart, and stayed positive. He also found mentors and friends who supported him and helped him grow as a player.

Some of the people who influenced him were his father-in-law Dave Weinbach, who introduced him to pickleball; his coach Morgan Evans, who taught him how to play smarter; his partner Catherine Parenteau, who helped him win his first major title; and his friend Tyson McGuffin, who inspired him to become a better player.

Tyler Loong also learned from his own experiences and mistakes. He constantly analyzed his performance and looked for ways to improve. He experimented with different paddles, techniques, and strategies. He adapted to different opponents, conditions, and situations.

Tyler Loong’s secrets to success are simple but effective: work hard, have fun, and never stop learning.

What makes Tyler Loong a unique and inspiring ?

Tyler Loong is not only a talented and successful pickleball player, but also a unique and inspiring figure in the pickleball world. He is unique because he plays with a style and flair that is unlike any other. He is aggressive, creative, and unpredictable. He loves to take risks and surprise his opponents. He makes every shot count and every point exciting.


He is inspiring because he plays with a passion and joy that is contagious. He loves the game and the people who play it. He is humble, respectful, and gracious. He always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He makes every match fun and memorable. Tyler Loong is a rising star of pickleball. He is on his way to the top and a player to keep an eye on. He has a bright future ahead of him and a lot to offer to the sport.

If you want to learn more about Tyler Loong, you can follow him on social media, watch his matches, or shop his gear. You can also book a coaching session with him and get some tips from the master himself . Tyler Loong is more than just a pro pickleball player. He is a personality, a role model, and a leader. He is someone who makes pickleball more than just a sport. He makes it a lifestyle, a community, and a movement. Tyler Loong is someone who makes pickleball better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any special rules or equipment for Tyer Loong Pickleball?

A: Without specific information about Tyer Loong Pickleball, it is challenging to determine if there are any special rules or equipment associated with it. Generally, pickleball follows standard rules and equipment guidelines, including the use of paddles, a perforated plastic ball, and specific court dimensions. It is essential to clarify the specific context or details of Tyer Loong Pickleball to provide more accurate information.

Q: Where can I play Tyer Loong Pickleball?

A: If Tyer Loong Pickleball is a recognized variant or has specific playing locations, it would be helpful to provide more information about its origins or any known venues where it is played. However, if Tyer Loong Pickleball is not widely known, it may be challenging to identify specific locations where it is played.

Q: How can I learn more about Tyer Loong Pickleball?

A: If you are interested in learning more about Tyer Loong Pickleball, it is recommended to seek out individuals or communities associated with the term. Connecting with experienced pickleball players, participating in online forums or social media groups, or reaching out to local pickleball organizations may help in gathering more information about this specific term or variant.


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