Sunset Park Pickleball Courts

The Sunset Park Pickleball Courts were built in response to the growing popularity and demand for pickleball in Las Vegas and across the US. According to the USA Pickleball Association, there are over 3.3 million pickleball players in the US, and more than 6,000 places to play. Pickleball is popular among people of all ages and abilities, as it is a low-impact, high-fun sport that can be enjoyed by anyone.

History and Development of the Complex

Prior to the construction of the sunset park pickleball courts complex, most pickleball players in Las Vegas played at Durango Hills Park, which had only eight courts. However, this facility was not enough to accommodate the constant flow of players who wanted to play. Moreover, the courts at Durango Hills Park were not designed specifically for pickleball, but rather shared with tennis players. This created some conflicts and inconveniences for both sports.

That’s why the Clark County decided to invest millions in building a dedicated pickleball complex at Sunset Park. The project was led by LAGE Design, a landscape architectural firm that provided both the design service and the coordination between the county and the design team. The project also involved input from local pickleball experts, such as John Sloan of Las Vegas Pickleball and Felton Hyche of North Las Vegas Pickleball. They provided player-level insight and feedback on the design decisions and specifications of the complex.

The construction of the complex began in 2019 and was completed in 2020. The complex opened to the public in October 2020 with great success and enthusiasm. The courts were booked up for tournaments more than a month before opening, with a long list of players and clubs looking to play at the new facility. The complex has become a premier pickleball destination in sunset park pickleball courts Las Vegas that attracts players from all over the state and beyond.

sunset park pickleball courts

Where Is Sunset Park Pickleball Complex Located and What Are Its Features?

Sunset Park Pickleball Complex
Location: 2601 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120
Distance from Las Vegas Strip: 15-minute drive
Number of courts: 24
Court features: Concrete base, acrylic surfacing, permanent lines, nets, posts, sleeves, lighting, fence, windscreens
Amenities: Shade ramadas, restrooms, tournament center, IT and Sports Park Office facilities, picnic tables, benches, trash cans, flag pole
Hours: 6 AM to 11 PM daily
Fees: $6 per hour for non-tournament use, $10 per hour for tournament use
Options: Reservations, drop-ins, leagues, programs

Benefits and Challenges of the Complex

  • The sunset park pickleball courts complex has many benefits for the community and the visitors of Las Vegas. Some of these benefits are:
  • It provides a high-quality facility for playing pickleball that meets the needs and expectations of players of all levels.
  • It enhances the recreational opportunities and the quality of life for the residents and the tourists of Las Vegas.
  • It boosts the tourism and the economy of Las Vegas by attracting more visitors and events to the city.
  • It promotes the health and wellness of the people who play pickleball regularly.
  • It fosters the social and cultural diversity and inclusion of the people who play pickleball together.
  • The complex also hosts several events and tournaments that showcase the sport and the facility. Some of these events are:
  • Players from all across the nation compete in the Las Vegas Pickleball Open, which is a national competition.
  • The multisport Las Vegas Senior Games event honours the accomplishments and skills of senior athletes.
  • The Las Vegas Pickleball Festival is a social gathering that provides pickleball fans with seminars, exhibits, games, and entertainment.
sunset park pickleball courts las vegas

The complex does, however, also have various difficulties or problems that require attention or improvement. The complex’s maintenance and care, which calls for routinely cleaning, repairing, and upgrading of the courts and the amenities, are some of these difficulties.

  • The administration and planning of the complex necessitates the effective and equitable distribution of the courts and the programmes for various users and groups.
  • The complex’s feedback and communication processes necessitate accurate and fast information as well as responses to queries and worries raised by players and the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many pickleball courts are available at Sunset Park Pickleball Complex?

A: Sunset Park Pickleball Complex has 24 pickleball courts that are designed to meet the standards of the USA Pickleball Association. Each court has a concrete base with acrylic court surfacing, permanent court lines, nets, posts, and sleeves. The courts are also equipped with overhead lighting, which allows players to play at night.

Q: How much does it cost to reserve a court at Sunset Park Pickleball Complex?

A: You can reserve a court for $6 per hour for non-tournament use and $10 per hour for tournament use. You can also play drop-in pickleball without a reservation, or join a league or program that matches you with other players of your skill level.

Q: What are the amenities and facilities of Sunset Park Pickleball Complex?

A: The complex offers several amenities and facilities for players and spectators, such as 17 metal shade ramadas, restrooms, tournament command center, IT and Sports Park Office facilities, ADA-compliant picnic tables, benches, trash cans, sports lighting, and a 25-foot lighted flag pole.


In conclusion, pickleball fans have a great leisure option with the Sunset Park pickleball courts. These courts offer a warm environment for players of all ability levels to enjoy the well-liked sport and are situated in a lovely location. For pickleball enthusiasts searching for a wonderful spot to play and interact with people who share their interest, Sunset Park pickleball courts are the ideal option thanks to their convenient location and well-maintained facilities.

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