Pickleball Scoring Rules: How To Score In Pickleball

In this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about how to score in pickleball so you’ll never feel confused on the court again. pickleball scoring system is one of the trickiest aspects of the pickleball game.

Knowing how to score in pickleball and get more points is very important for a player, especially for beginners and professional players, for that you also need to learn Basic Pickleball Rules for beginners. Knowing how to keep an accurate score in pickleball is important to learn the game. The rules of pickleball are generally simple. However, pickleball scoring rules often cause problems for players, especially beginners.

Know Pickleball Scoring Basics

A simple answer is that a Pickleball tournament match has eleven points, the winning team must have a two-point lead to win, and you can only score in Pickleball by serving. Typically, you need to win two games from three to eleven to win the game.

  • Serving teams are the only ones who score points.
  • Matches are usually played to 11 points, and win with 2.
  • Tournament games can be 15 or 21, win by 2.
  • If the serving team scores equal (0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10), as the first server in the match for your team is on the right or equal court when serving or receiving, then you are on the right or equal court. On odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9), that player is on the left/odd court on the serve or return.
  • You continue to serve and score until your team misses a shot.
  • The server must always call the scoreboard before serving.
  • If he scores a point, he switches sides with his partner and serves again.

How To Score In Pickleball Singles?

Singles scoring is similar to doubles scoring.

They use the same strategies for serving and counting, except that when it’s called “side out”, which means the player misses the serve, the ball goes to the opponent.

In singles, the player serves from the right if the opponent’s score is tied. If the score is odd, they serve from the left side of the field.


The serving player must always say the score before serving, but it is a series of 2 numbers, not a series of 3 numbers. Players can only score with their own servers, and if they lose once while serving, the server is passed to the opponent without losing a point.

Example: How Pickleball Scoring Works?

New Game, 1st Serve of the Game

These pickle ball scoring examples use Team A (player 1A or 2A) and Team B (player 1B or 2B). For this example, let’s assume this is a new game and Team A is getting ready to serve the first serve of the game.

STEP 1: Team A, Player 1A stands on the right side of the court as this is where the first server always stands on the first serve of a new game.

STEP 2: Team A, player 1A announces the score, 0-0-2 or 0-0-start

Note that the server says 2 or start, NOT 1.

Remember that the first server in the game only gets one tick, so the server will call your seat as if it were the second server. Team B manages to return the ball, but Team A misses the returned ball.


The End Result: Team A is now “side”, as only one player (the first player) can serve as the starting team. And now that they’ve committed a foul (loss of ball possession), Team B can serve.

Pickleball Doubles: How Do You Score?

The most popular way to play pickleball is a doubles game, which means four people play, two on each team. With the exception of the first serve of the game, each team receives two serves, one for each player. Before serving, the team member must announce the score, which consists of three numbers:

  • The first number is the team’s current service score.
  • The second number is the home team’s current score.
  • The third number is the server number, which will always be one or two.
  • Each pickleball game starts with a score of 0-0-2, or 0-0 because no team has scored yet and the serving team only receives one serve. Once a point is scored, players on the serving team switch sides, with the same player continuing to serve. Home team players do not change sides.

Difference: Singles And Doubles Scoring In Pickleball

One of the biggest differences between singles and doubles is that you only need two numbers to show it. This means that, unlike doubles where the result consists of three digits, eg 5-3-2, in singles only the first two of these three digits are needed, eg 5-3.

It’s easy to explain.

In doubles, two players serve on both teams, making him the third number in those two records to serve between the two. This is not the case for singles, which makes the third number redundant.


The other difference is that the side of the court a player can serve on depends on his score. If the player’s score is even, he must serve from the right or even side of the court, while an odd score requires the player to serve from the left or odd side of the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you switch sides when serving Pickleball?

You can only score if you are on the service side. If you are on the serving side and you win a point, you and your partner switch positions on the serving court. You will serve until you commit a foul.

If the results were announced in a doubles pickleball match, how would you proceed?

At the beginning of the game, you must announce the score as 0-0-2 (zero-zero-2) as it should appear on the scoreboard.

Where is the first serve in pickleball?

Each side’s first serve always starts on the right/even side of the pickleball court (server #2). As soon as the serving team wins the point, server #2 and his partner change sides.


Several things need to be remembered when you start playing and scoring goals is just one of them. Don’t worry though, as you progress in your pickleball game it will get much easier to play. I hope you learned to score goals. Also Know What is the kitchen in pickleball?