Pickleball Net Height vs. Tennis: Know the Difference

Is the Pickleball net height vs. tennis nets the same? This is a common question among pickleball beginners. The answer is no, they are not. Although both sports use a net to divide the playing surface in half, the pickleball net vs tennis net differ in height. Pickleball nets are lower than tennis nets and also lower than badminton nets.

This article discusses the Pickleball net height vs. tennis, along with some similarities and differences between the two. Read on to learn more about net regulations and how to adapt a tennis net for pickleball use in informal settings.

Difference Between Pickleball Net Height vs. Tennis Net Height

In both tennis and pickleball, the net is an integral part of the game. While the rules are slightly different for each sport, the pickleball net vs tennis net can drastically alter strategy and gameplay.

The most notable difference between tennis net vs pickleball net is the height of their respective nets: 36 inches high at the posts and 34 inches high at the center for pickleball, while 42 inches high at the posts and 36 inches high in tennis.

This variation between courts makes each game more unique as players must adapt their approach to the court they are playing on. The lower net makes it easier to hit the opponent without increasing the arc of the shot, making Pickleball an ideal choice for beginners looking to learn the game of tennis.

In the United States, there are standards for pickleball courts set by the US Pickleball Association. Whether the course is indoors or outdoors, these standards establish the lines, net and scoring system.


Pickleball Net Height Standards

  • A pickleball court is 20 feet wide for singles and doubles players, with a 10-foot margin around the court lines. The posts supporting the net must be placed within two feet of the perimeter and span a total of 22 feet.
  • The net must be 21 feet 9 inches long and span from post to post. The net must measure 30 inches from top to bottom and have a height of 36 inches at the sides and 34 inches at the middle of the court. In the middle, an easily adjustable handle is recommended to adjust the height.
  • Like a tennis net, a pickleball net should have a 2-inch white ribbon on a metal cord running across the top of the net.
  • The posts that hold a pickleball net in place should be 3 inches or less in diameter, the same size as the second set of posts you would use in a singles tennis match.

Tennis Net Height Standards

  • The International Tennis Federation (ITF) requires tennis courts to be 27 feet wide for singles matches and 36 feet wide for doubles matches. In both cases, the nets are installed one meter outside the fields. A tennis net height inches is 33 feet wide for singles and 42 feet wide for doubles.
  • In the center of a tennis court, a tennis net should be supported by five-foot-high side posts. A 2-inch tape should be placed in the center of the mesh.
  • For singles matches, a post will be placed 3 feet outside the singles court lines at each end of the court. In doubles games, only one set of side posts is placed 3 feet outside the width of the doubles court.
  • There should be 6-inch square posts or 6-inch diameter cylindrical posts. A 3″ angle must be added to the posts for singles play, or a continuous 3″ angle must be added to the posts for doubles play.

Pickleball Net vs. Tennis Net: Comparison

Probably the most common question we get is, “Is a pickleball net vs tennis net the same?” So in this section we will deal with this query.

Although the two nets look similar, pickleball nets are actually shorter than tennis nets. Tennis nets measure 42 inches at the posts and 36 inches at the center. As you can see from these numbers, tennis nets have a lot more arch than pickleball nets, a full 6 inches instead of just 2 inches.

The closest point is in the middle, at 34 inches for pickleball and 36 inches for tennis, so pickleball net vs tennis net are not that different. However, you might be surprised at what a difference just 2 inches makes.

There are many similarities between pickleball and tennis nets, so in an informal setting, a tennis net can be repurposed for use in a pickleball game. However, there are also several differences, and in a formal setting, you will see two different types of nets used.


  • The main similarity between pickleball and tennis nets is that they both use a net to divide the playing surface in half. Both sports allow players to shoot over the net without worrying about the opponent getting in the way.
  • Another similarity is that pickleball and tennis nets have a small mesh that prevents the ball from passing through. This allows players to continue the game without constantly looking for lost balls.
  • Both sports’ support positions are similar as they are placed outside the field. The poles are 3 inches in diameter for both sports. Due to the similarities, the same network can be used for both sports.


Compared to tennis nets, pickleball nets have the following differences:

  • Pickleball nets are shorter than tennis nets. On center court, a pickleball net is 34 inches high; A tennis net is 36 inches high.
  • There is a wider net on a tennis court than a pickleball court. The pickleball net measures 21 feet 9 inches wide, whereas the tennis net measures 42 feet wide.
  • Tennis nets have an additional set of larger support posts than pickleball nets when playing singles.
  • Tennis nets must have a smaller weave than pickleball nets because pickleballs are larger than tennis balls.
  • To accommodate the heaviest tennis ball, the net must be stronger and heavier than a pickleball net.

Can You Use a Tennis Net for Pickleball?

The answer is yes! Many tennis clubs now offer pickleball as an alternative to tennis, and some even hold tournaments. You need a few things to turn tennis court lines into pickleball lines. (Check out this guide on how to play pickleball on a tennis court)

First, the pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court, so you’ll need to adjust the court lines. To do this, use a mask or masking tape. Second, the pickleball net is also lower than a tennis net; therefore, you will need to bring your net or lower the tennis court net 2 inches, although we do not recommend this method.

Our Guide : Pickleball Court vs Tennis Court

Lowering the tennis net generates a lack of tension and uneven height, making the game difficult. If you’re playing on a public court, most don’t have a tennis net adjuster or are locked at a certain height.


Frequently Asked Questions

How high is the net on a tennis court?

Tennis nets are 3.5 feet (42 inches) high at the posts and 3 feet (36 inches) in the center. It is 1 m at the posts and 0.9 m at the center with the metric.

Why are pickleball and tennis nets different heights?

Pickleball and tennis nets have different heights because the ball bounces differently in each sport. Most pickle balls are made of plastic or thermoplastic rubber with less elasticity than tennis balls, usually rubber filled with compressed gas. As a result, pickleball nets are lower.

Are a tennis net and a pickleball net the same height?

The height of a pickleball net is less than that of a tennis net. Pickleball nets measure 36 inches at the posts and 34 inches at the center. This makes them great, 6″ shorter at the posts and slightly 2″ shorter in the middle.

Does playing pickleball on a loose tennis net ruin the game?

You can play pickleball on a loose tennis net, but that will make the game frustrating because of how high the ball can bounce and how the racquet’s composition affects it. Even on standard pickleball courts, the net isn’t always the ideal height, but it’s usually close enough that it doesn’t ruin the game.

How does a tennis net become a pickleball?

There is no easy way to turn a tennis net into a pickleball net. You need to find an existing tennis net and remove the posts holding it. Next, you need to find a sturdy piece of wood or metal at least 34 inches wide and 54 inches long and attach the new pickleball net directly with screws or chain clamps.


While there are some similarities between Pickleball Net Height vs. Tennis, there are also many key differences. The most significant difference is the height of the net, which affects how the ball travels and how players hit it.

While you can technically use a tennis net for pickleball, it is not recommended for competitive play. To maximize your Pickleball experience, make sure you use a net designed specifically for the game. So you can have the most enjoyable experience on the court!

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