Matt Wright: Pro Pickleball Player

In Men’s Doubles, Matt teams up with a variety of players, and in Mixed Doubles, he joins Lucy Kovalova as his trusted partner. Matt has extensive professional experience and has seen how pickleball has evolved to suit new players and playing styles. He is nonetheless adamant about maintaining his position as the leader and destroying any challengers.

The distinctive aspect of Matt Wright pickleball journey is that he first became interested in it while playing a straightforward version of it with his buddies using wooden matt wright pickleball paddle. He had a strong basis on which to enter the pickleball scene thanks to his powerful tennis experience and this distinctive style.

Matt has only been a professional athlete for a little period of time, yet he has already had a big influence and achieved notoriety. He credits his years of experience and college tennis expertise for his success, but it is his fierce competitive spirit that really pushes him to achieve fantastic things in pickleball.

The inspiring path of a gifted athlete who successfully made the switch from tennis to pickleball is shown through Matt Wright Pickleball narrative. His accomplishments serve as an example for people who are eager to seize fresh possibilities and take on the problems that come with them. You can also read about other accomplished pro players Kyle Yates and Paul Olin.

Matt Wright Background

After an illustrious tennis career at the University of Michigan, pickleball Matt Wright’s introduction to pickleball came in a rather serendipitous manner. A member of a local country club spotted him playing a makeshift mini-tennis game and introduced him to pickleball, a moment that would change his life. Intrigued and captivated, Matt took up pickleball in 2016 and immediately fell in love with the sport.

In his first tournament, Matt Wright pickleball teamed up with Lucy Kovalova for mixed doubles and emerged victorious in the 19+ age division at the 2016 US Open. This early success boosted their confidence and instilled in them the belief that they could compete at the highest level. Since then, Matt has achieved a rare feat by securing gold in the open division at the three major Pro Pickleball tournaments of 2018. Alongside his competitive pursuits, Matt also serves as a corporate attorney in Wichita, Kansas, adding a professional dimension to his life.

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At 44 years old and standing at an impressive 6’2″, Matt’s height sets him apart in the world of pickleball. While he maintains a private personal life, it is believed that he is not married and does not have children, although these details remain unconfirmed due to his reserved nature. Speculation has arisen about his relationship with Lucy Kovalova, his frequent training partner. However, they are not romantically involved and maintain a strong professional bond.

Matt Wright pickleball social media presence is primarily limited to Twitter, where he shares updates on his pickleball tournaments, achievements, and appearances. Fans looking for a closer connection or more information can follow his sponsor, Onixpickleball, on Instagram and Facebook. Prior to the pandemic, Matt’s Twitter revealed his love for traveling, suggesting that he will likely return to exploring new places once he has more free time outside of his demanding legal career. Despite his busy schedule, he prioritizes his passion for pickleball, making the most of his tour experiences in different locations.

Matt Wright Net Worth

According to certain sources, it has been reported that Matt Wright Pickleball net worth in 2022 is approximately $5.4 million. However, it’s important to note that his income is not solely derived from his involvement in pickleball. In addition to his pursuits on the court, Matt works as a full-time attorney, which contributes to his overall financial position. The income levels for professional pickleball players can vary significantly due to various factors, including sponsorships, product sales, and advertising.

Determining the precise earnings of pickleball players can be a complex task, as the details of their playing contracts are often not as publicly disclosed as the large signing deals seen in major football teams and other extensively publicized endorsement agreements. On average, most pickleball players earn annual incomes ranging from $50,000 to $200,000. However, calculating these figures involves multiple considerations given the nuanced nature of pickleball playing contracts.

Matt Wright’s Preferred Gear

During his appearances, Matt Wright Pickleball can often be seen using an Evoke Premier Pickleball, matt wright pickleball paddle, a product from his sponsor Onix. Like many pickleball players, he may use a variety of gear from his sponsor, including shoes, racquets, and other equipment. It is common for gear manufacturers to offer a comprehensive range of items for the sport, including nets, balls, clothing, and accessories.

While Matt Wright pickleball has not publicly disclosed his specific preferences for handgrips, shoes, or racquets, this is not uncommon among pickleball players. Some athletes prefer to keep these details private, possibly to maintain a competitive advantage. It is also possible that Matt remains flexible in his choices and relies on his sponsor to supply him with the gear he uses for each game.

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Leisure Activity

Matt in his free time, Wright’s partner, Lucy Kovalova, also resides in Wichita, which means they are able to keep their mixed doubles game up to speed even while not on tour. Wright enjoys college and professional sports, concerts, road trips, and reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the profession of Matt Wright?

A: Without specific information about the person you’re referring to, I cannot provide details about their profession. There are many individuals named Matt Wright, so it would be helpful to know which one you are inquiring about.

Q: Where is Matt Wright from?

A: I don’t have information on a specific person named Matt Wright, so I can’t provide a specific location. There are several individuals with that name, so it would be useful to know more context or details about the person you’re referring to in order to provide accurate information.

Q: Is Matt Wright a celebrity?

A: It depends on which Matt Wright you are referring to. There are multiple individuals with that name, some of whom may be well-known or considered celebrities in their respective fields. Without additional information, it is difficult to determine if a particular Matt Wright is a celebrity.


In summary, whether he is defying gravity in extreme sports or dedicating himself to protecting wildlife, Matt Wright continues to leave a lasting impact. His remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment serve as an inspiration to individuals around the world. Matt’s story is a testament to the boundless possibilities that lie within each of us when we chase our dreams and work towards making a positive difference in the world.

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