Dinking in Pickleball – Ultimate Guide

There’s a lot of fun terminology in Pickleball. “Dink” is perhaps the best example. But what is dinking in pickleball? The Dink is a good shot that hits with an upward trajectory and lands just above the net in your opponent’s non-volley zone. A dink slows the game down and can force your opponent out of position. That’s Why Dinking in Pickleball is more important to win the game.

Dink is the joke central to many pickleball stories, as well as the inspiration for many cheesy pickleball shirts. Pickleball dinking is a kind of funny word but it is very useful for the game.

What Is Dink Shot?

If you’re not familiar with this, a dink shot pickleball is a smooth shot executed anywhere near the non-volley zone (NVZ) line to land on your opponent’s kitchen (the space between the net and the NVZ). It is meant to be a heavy blow to your opponent and a game-changer.

If you’re playing against someone who likes to play on the baseline or is good at hitting the ball, pickleball dink shot can help you neutralize that player’s advantage.

When Should You Dink in Pickleball?

The simple answer is to do it on the third shot during the serve. Throwing a dink shot pickleball gives you space to cross the pickleball court and approach the net without fear of being hit hard. Of course, the best response to a dink hit is to go back and start a dink fight for a few hits while both sides recover.

Pickleball dinking against a bigger opponent is also a great dink strategy. An effective dink levels the playing field and nullifies your height advantage. Most players learn by hitting the ball hard. Forcing the player into a game of dinging de-emphasizes power and makes it a game of finesse.

Dinking in Pickleball

Tips for Hitting Dinking in Pickleball Like a Pro

Tip #1: Wait for the ball to bounce a second time to hit the dink. This gives you more time to position yourself and assess your opponent’s position.

Tip #2: The pickleball dink shot is often mistaken for the drop shot, but they’re actually two different shots. There is a similarity between a drop shot and a dink but is hit somewhere in the backyard. Knowing both kicks improves your game.

Tip #3: Dinks rarely win at pickleball; Instead, they set you up for a winning streak. A dink forces your opponent to shoot the ball at an awkward angle, ideally giving them a low recoil that you can use to your advantage.

Dink Shot’s main objective is to exhaust your opponent and make a mistake, so speed and patience are required. A well-placed dink will also prevent a powerful hit from coming back. Remember that you control the game by aiming at your opponent’s feet and returning the ball accurately.

Pickleball Dinking

Tip #4: Drink carefully, Otherwise, the ball will bounce too high and give your opponent a chance to hit you back. Ignore the urge to run when practicing dink shots. This will put you in a position to master soft play and establish those perfect settings.

Tip #5: Don’t be impatient. dink shot pickleball allows you to hit your opponent with a calm and patient shot. This is why so many older people are able to outperform their younger peers. It’s actually the shot of the man thinking about Pickleball.

When Not to Dink?

Dinking in pickleball is usually a smart and effective kick when all players are in the net. However, this approach is not the most effective if both you and your partner are standing at the net while your opponent is stuck at the baseline. At this point, you have a clear advantage.

Ensure that you and your partner do not lose this advantage by putting your opponents in the net. Instead, hold your opponent at the baseline and don’t let him touch the net, you increase your chances of winning the point.

FAQ : Dinking in Pickleball

Why do players use Dink Shot?

Dink’s shots are fluid. The goal is also to keep them low after impact to force low contact. The strategy of forcing your opponents into low contact is one of the best strategies to keep them from attacking you. This is the main purpose of hitting a dink.

How do you land a Dink Shot in Pickleball?

Touch the ball in front of the body with the clubface open using a smooth lifting (thrust) motion. The kick is smooth and controlled with shoulder movement, no wrist fracture and little to no backswing to avoid dominating the ball. Be patient. Keep drinking until the opponent makes a mistake.

Why do you play Dink Pickleball?

The Dink is a good shot that hits with an upward trajectory and lands just above the net in your opponent’s non-volley zone. A dink slows the game down and can force your opponent out of position. The ability to make a good shot can be a balancing act against a faster or stronger player.


Here we are! We talked about what is dinking in pickleball, why it is so unique in Pickleball, and how to incorporate dink into your game.

Don’t be afraid to practice dink exercises. I often prefer pickleball to punch. But if you’re competitive, these niceties are worth practicing. It will improve your game a lot!

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