Dave Weinbach: Meet the Pro Pickleball Player

Dave Weinbach, also known as the “dave the badger weinbach,” is a celebrated pickleball player from Wisconsin. He has won an incredible 148 medals since he started playing the sport nearly ten years ago and is also one of the game’s leading ambassadors. He travels throughout the country, sharing his passion for pickleball through his clinics and lessons.

Dave’s unparalleled enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. “The amazing growth of our sport is only going to accelerate as people get introduced to the game. Pickleball is unique in that anybody can play and it’s very easy to get started as you don’t have barriers to entry. There are new courts going up every month all over the USA,” he says.

Dave’s Background Story

Dave was first introduced to pickleball in Surprise, Arizona at Sun City Grand when his parents moved there from Wisconsin in 2008. While playing tennis with his dad, he witnessed a gathering of people on the nearby courts. Curious, he asked what sport the group was playing. After a quick introduction, one of the players asked Weinbach if he wanted to give pickleball a try.

He was hooked immediately as he enjoyed outdoor racquet sports and the socialness along with the entertainment value was extremely appealing. Dave grew up playing tennis and table tennis so his foray into pickleball was seamless.

Dave’s family are also avid pickleball players, so much so that he built a court in their backyard three years ago so wife Dina and their boys, Jake, Ryan and Sam can dink and volley till all hours of the night. When Dave isn’t on the court, he’s running his business, Weinbach Investment Management.

dave weinbach pickleball

Weinbach, who also enjoys platform tennis, golf, basketball and fishing, says that part of the beauty of the game is that it takes him to locations that he never would have explored otherwise. It’s also allowed him to form solid friendships with players from all over the U.S.

Weinbach Career Achivements

Dave Weinbach has had an impressive career in the pickleball world. He was the first back-to-back U.S. Open Pro Men’s doubles champion and has over 100 medals to his name. He has won several gold medals in the USAPA National Championships and has been named the USAPA Player of the Year. He is a 10-time US Open Champion, nine-time USAPA Nationals Champion and winner of a remarkable 112 gold medals in official competition.

One of dave weinbach pickleball goal is to help grow the game both locally and nationwide, and says that younger people shouldn’t be discouraged by the misconception that pickleball is a sport just for seniors.

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Dave Weinbach Pickleball Paddle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Has Dave Weinbach contributed to the growth of pickleball?

A: Yes, Dave Weinbach has been actively involved in promoting and growing the sport of pickleball. He has conducted clinics, coaching sessions, and exhibitions worldwide, helping to introduce the game to new players and improve the skills of existing players. He is also involved in various pickleball organizations and events that aim to expand the reach and popularity of the sport.

Q: Does Dave Weinbach provide pickleball coaching?

A: Yes, Dave Weinbach offers pickleball coaching to players of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced player seeking to refine your techniques, Weinbach provides personalized coaching sessions tailored to individual needs. His coaching expertise and insights from years of professional play make him an excellent resource for pickleball players.

Q: How can I stay updated on Dave Weinbach’s pickleball activities?

A: To stay updated on Dave Weinbach’s pickleball activities, you can follow him on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He often shares updates, tournament results, training tips, and other pickleball-related content through these channels. Additionally, you can visit his official website or subscribe to his newsletter for the latest news and announcements.

Q: Can I book Dave Weinbach for a pickleball event or exhibition?

A: Yes, Dave Weinbach is available for booking pickleball events and exhibitions. Whether you are organizing a tournament, clinic, or corporate event, you can contact his management team through his official website to inquire about his availability and discuss the details of your event.

Q: Are there any instructional resources or videos available featuring Dave Weinbach?

A: Yes, there are instructional resources and videos featuring Dave Weinbach that can help improve your pickleball skills. He has collaborated with other professionals to create instructional DVDs, online courses, and YouTube videos that cover various aspects of the game. These resources provide valuable insights, strategies, and drills that can benefit players of all levels.


In conclusion, Dave weinbach pickleball exceptional skill, athleticism, strategic acumen, and sportsmanship have cemented his status as one of the top professional pickleball players. His dedication to the sport and numerous achievements make him a true icon in the pickleball community. You can read about another pro pickleball player Anna Leigh pickleball.

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